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-Double boxing


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Freestyle Wave

The hunt for versatility stops right here! The JPs have always been the true classics in the Freestyle Wave class because they are super balanced and incredible fun in the widest possible wind and water range. And this latest, brand-new generation of all-water toys raises its own benchmark – again. The new shapes provide a more compact feel and quicker response in manoeuvres. As an additional treat they not only sail faster but at the same time feel more comfortable. Uniting the core virtues almost every windsurfer is looking for they truly tick all the boxes as all in one boards!

NOTE: The ES boards come with the standard Powerbox and only the PRO models feature JP’s specially reinforced Foil-Powerbox.

PRO Technology (Freestyle)

78 – 84 – 94 – 104 – 114

1x Foil-Powerbox +
2x MiniTuttle

Epoxy Sandwich Technology (Freestyle Wave)

84 – 94 – 104 – 114

1x Powerbox +
2x MiniTuttle




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