Makani Kauila V2 (deep tuttle)

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KAUILA V2 : Slalom G-10 windsurfing fin

AREA: 285-307-330-353-377-402-430-458 cm2

After trying out many models with different construction we opted for a CNC g-10 fin for many reasons and essentially to make a top slalom fin at an affordable price. Our Kaulia v2 slalom fin is revamped with a new foil and a new outline. We changed the foil for a faster fin with a sharp leading edge and razor cut trailing edge for reduce drag and more speed. The outline gives the fin a good amount of flex and twist so you stay in control in choppy waters and gusty winds. So you have a great fin that can challenge any carbon fin for less then half the price and if you hit a rock on the beach your fin is still good for many more hours on the water unlike the carbon fins !!

Louis (Designer): “Fast specific foil with the proper flex & twist control gives this slalom fin the best ratio quality/price in the market right now. We worked hard on every details (rake, foil, flex, twist, thickness distribution, outline, tip, chord, leading edge) on this fin to make it perform perfectly for every tracks you take.”

Makani fins KAULIA v2 and HB slalom testing from MakaniFins on Vimeo.


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