DaKine Daylight Wall Bag

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The Dakine Daylight Wall Bag protects the windsurfers from heat, sun damage and scratches. Both the heat-resistant Tarpaulin ground as well as the white material reflect solar radiation and hold the board in the interior cool as possible. The 6mm thick foam padding inside the carrying case is a bargain when you want to carry your windsurfing board. The specially reinforced sidewalls, the robust nose and fin area also ensure optimal protection for your beloved, sensitive board.


Product Features

  • White material is heat-resistant
  • Specific base of sturdy tarpaulin, blocks and reflects heat
  • 6mm thick foam padding
  • Fixed stitched sides for more stability
  • zipped compartment for Finn
  • bag and specially reinforced front rear
  • Stainless zippers
  • vents for optimum circulation
  • Handle Neoprene


  • 50% expanded polyethylene, 50% polyethylene tarpaulin

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