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Ajouter à mes favoris
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s go marks Peters foray into the world of wavesailing. This time the king of instructional windsurfing videos teams up with PWA wavesailing specialist, Barbados own Brian Talma for this new first-timers how-to wavesail video. Filmed in the Dominican Republic, s go Wavesailing is visually stunning, hugely informative, and, like all Peter Hart videos, endlessly entertaining.

Brian demonstrates the proper energetic and stylish waveriding techniques while Peter breaks down the essential skills in his uniquely analytical stlye. Theyre also joined by the irrepressible Nobby, who with courage, enthusiasm, total incompetence and disregard for personal safety, demonstrates all the classic mistakes.

This hour and twenty minutes (yes, 80 minutes!) of action includes sections on:

– Tweaking your standard freeride equipment to make it more suitable for waves.

– Brushing up the skills that help you cope with the impact zone:

launching on plane
quicker waterstarts
tighter tacks and jibes
getting upwind etc.

– Jumping — getting over the white stuff, leading into basic and then serious jumps.

– Wave Riding — reading the waves and riding them up and downwind.

– Surf Lore — staying alive tips.

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