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Screeching across the water in some sort of control, overtaking your mates, will always be windsurfings most popular and accessible pastime. Faster is quite simply the best and most comprehensive program ever made about finding that extra knot – the difference between glory and humiliation.

Peter Hart (10 years on the world speed tour, member of the 40 knot club, and technique guru), David White (Production Board World Record holder and international speed colossus) team up yet again to lay bare the vital clues. They have gathered together every current speed world record holder and icon – Finian Maynard, Karin Jaggi, Bjorn Dunkerbeck, and Antoine Albeau; and they dont just sail up and down for the camera, they go into intimate detail about there set-ups and styles, how to cope with chop, gusts, and lulls, and what they do personally to leave the opposition floundering.

Filmed at the World Speed and Slalom Championships in Fuerteventura, Faster is massively informative, humorous, spectacular, and will appeal equally to potential world beaters and ambitious amateurs

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