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The 3K pares down our windsurfing performance wetsuits to the core: offering only what’s most important.

The 3K is the perfect combination of highly flexible neoprenes ideal for windsurfing. Apex-Mesh neoprene is a sheet of neoprene that is heat sealed on one side only. The neoprene on the sealed side is called closed cell neoprene and has a waterproof rubbery texture that cuts down wind-chill, making it popular among windsurfers and kitesurfers. Typically in black and now also available in various colors. Apex-Flex Apex-Flex is our top-of-the-line open celled neoprene that is laminated with jersey on both sides.

Super stretchy and lightweight with an abrasion resistant outer and a four-way stretch inner; Apex-Flex doesn’t cut down wind-chill as effectively as Apex-Mesh but is lighter and more durable. Dura-Flex Dura-Flex is a durable double-lined neoprene, with a resilient, water-repellant nylon outer fabric, a stretch inner lining and a soft handfeel.

Dura-Flex excels in durability and is the ideal for price-point, entry-level and kids wetsuits. Bamboo Charcoal Bamboo Charcoal is known for its inherent antimicrobial and anti-odor properties. This natural fiber is woven into our lining to provide hygiene benefits Glued And Blindstitched (GBL) Seams An efficient, water-tight seam created through a triple gluing process in conjunction with a blind stitch that does not fully penetrate the rubber. The technique allows precise curved seams and facilitates a snug, anatomically correct fit.

FLX High stretch forward and lateral extension panels allow natural, unrestricted movement. Anti-Choke V-Neck V-cut neck panel designed for maximum comfort and flexibility. Reinforced Crotch A durable layer of latex reinforcement that resists harness wear. Latex Embossed Knee Pads Durable and flexible latex knee pads that shed water and prevent wind-chill. Adjustable Ankle Closure Adjustable Velcro closures for easy entry, improved comfort and fit. Adjustable Arm Closure Adjustable Velcro closures for easy entry, improved comfort and fit. Debossed Knee-Back Prevents bunching and pinching behind the knee.

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