NORTH WAM 2010 (U-WS-210721-02)

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  • All-round high-performance surfboard
  • Tons of grip
  • Tight turns, snappy cutback
  • Great in light wind conditions
  • Ride strapped in or strapless
  • Lightweight yet durable construction
  • Custom finish

First up, it must be said that WAM is short for Wave Attack Model – in case you did not know that. Second up, you must know that the WAM model has been rolled out by kite and board manufacturer North to replace the Bullet model. The 2010 WAM is a properly good replacement and here’s why.

This is an all-round top performance board that shines in just about any condition you can think of, ranging from small onshore mush to powerful beach and reef breaks (basically any small and medium wave condition). You will be able to take the WAM board with you anywhere you go, safe in the knowledge that this versatile board will adapt and will offer you a fun session.

The 2010 WAM board has tons of grip and control to offer. The board is ideally suited for quick rail-to-rail acceleration and snappiness off-the-top. The 2010 WAM has enough width and a relatively low-entry rocker so that it can plane early; it also has a single concave that offers plenty of carry for underpowered situations.

Why would you want to get the 2010 WAM board? You would want to get it if you’re looking for a round, compact board with a super-tight turning radius that, ridden strapped in or strapless, can annihilate small waves. You would want to get the 2010 WAM if you want a top performance, versatile board that shines in small and medium wave conditions.

Here is what pro rider Sky Solbach has to say on the WAM board:

“I never leave home without packing my WAM in my board bag. It’s a must have for beach breaks and so much fun to ride strapless. Just an incredible all-rounder that turns on a dime! It’s even able to handle some of the bigger surf.”

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