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    145.00 CAD$

    The perfect extension for your needs when rigging the IQ FOIL SEVERNE HYPERGLIDE OLYMPIC sail. Solid Aluminium tubes combined with triple pulleys for friction free high tension downhauling. 36 CM – Extra length when required FUNCTION AND RELIABILITY.   Solid Aluminium tubes combined with triple pulleys for friction free high tension downhauling. 36 CM – Extra length…


    12799.00 CAD$12999.00 CAD$

    OFFICIAL iQFOiL SENIOR EQUIPMENT Fin or foil, from 5 knots to 35 knots, the iQFOiL package delivers the ultimate in windsurfing racing performance with just one board, one foil, one fin, one sail. The complete iQFOiL package includes a Starboard iQFOiL 95 Carbon Reflex board, the Severne HyperGlide Olympic rig in 9.0 (Men) or 8.0…


    12799.00 CAD$

    Women’s Package Board: Starboard iQFoil 95 Carbon:Our most high-performance foil racing board that is capable of upwind/downwind racing on a fin if the conditions get really tough. 95cm wide for convenient air travel, designed to take off smoothly from 6 knots, powerful in light winds, controllable in strong winds, convertible to fin mode and built…

  • Severne Hyperglide Olympic Rig IQFOIL

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    The Official Windsurf Foiling Kit For The 2024 Olympics   THE RIG HYPERGLIDE OLYMPIC Designed to feel light in the hands, responsive and with an expanded wind range, the Olympic edition of the Hyperglide works with foil and fin. The iQFoil rig comes complete with the mast, boom, extension & base. Hyperglide Olympic Luff Boom…

  • Severne HGO IQFOIL 2021-2022

    1489.00 CAD$

    HGO – IQFOIL OLYMPIC RACING   The HGO is a first of its kind. A foil racing sail built especially for the official IQFOIL class and will be the official sail for the 2024 Paris Olympic games. HGO is based on Severne’s already successful foil racing platform with multiple titles under its…

  • Severne GO Boom Junior IQFOIL 2021

    399.00 CAD$459.00 CAD$

    THE LIGHTEST, STIFFEST AND MOST DURABLE BOOM IN EXISTENCE. AVAILABLE IN WAVE, FREEMOVE AND RACE PROFILES The custom carbon manufacture of the Enigma booms has one main objective; to produce the best stiffness to weight ratio. Unique methods have been developed to enhance the manufacture with every boom built individually with the emphasis on technology,…

  • SEVERNE ENIGMA IQFOIL 210-250 2021

    1793.00 CAD$

    SEVERNE ENIGMA IQFOIL 210-250 2021

  • Severne FGO IQFOIL 2021

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    FOILGLIDE The FoilGlide is NOT just a freeride sail with ‘Foil’ written on it… Specifically designed for foiling with focus on the following points; LIGHTWEIGHT This is one of the most important characteristics. And we do lightweight sails better than anyone. SOFT Easier to pump. Doesn’t need the stiffness as rig load is reduced once up…

  • Starboard Foil IQFOIL 2021

    IT’S HERE: FROM WEEKEND RACES TO OLYMPIC GOLD. LET THE BEST SAILOR WIN. “Lining up for race one was surreal, all the big names were present. Some of the best freestylers, PWA superstars and Olympic legends all on the line together was so, so ‘LIT’. It felt like the windsurfing community had connected back together…