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    775.99 CAD$783.99 CAD$

    DESCRIPTION The Style Pro is our 100% freestyle sail, developed by our world cup team to continuously push the limits of freestyle. In a constantly evolving world our ‘non-stop research and development program’ is the key to making this sail what it is today. Whether you are working on your first spock or mastering the…

  • Severne Convert 2021-2022

    659.00 CAD$889.00 CAD$

    CONVERT The Convert is a fully-featured freeride sail at an entry-level price. An obvious choice for any progressing windsurfer, the Convert is purpose built to be easy to use. Weight is kept to a minimum, boom lengths are short and downhaul tensions are reduced for easier rigging and nice, soft handling characteristics. The Convert is…


    889.00 CAD$1095.00 CAD$

    FREEK Dedicated freestyle performance. The Freek is designed to give maximum lift, stability and easy ducking. Higher aspect ratios improve lift. The 5 batten layout means more stability and wind-range, and by utilising our high-tech materials technology actually weighs less than most 4-batten sails. A dynamic relationship between luff curve and seam shaping enables the…

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    929.00 CAD$

    Take the freedom of freeride foiling to a new level with our first specifically designed freeride foil sail. 4 battens and 1 mini cam (2 cams on the 6.6m) give the sail an incredibly lightweight yet stable feeling. Super light weight, featuring a very short boom and tight leech, this sail offers great initial planing…

  • Neil Pryde V8 2021

    Directly derived from the RS:RACING development program, the V8 offers true race sail performance without the downsides. Extreme early planning, soft rotation, wide wind range, great upwind and top end control, the V8 has the extra power and drive needed to accelerate and go fast on high performance boards. The Twin cams and deep profile…

  • Severne Synergy Rig-Complete Set 2021

    849.00 CAD$1249.00 CAD$

    Severne Synergy Sail/Rig 2020 Unlike other rig packages, the Synergy is not just about price. It’s designed from the ground up to make your first windsurfing experiences as easy as possible. Everything just fits together effortlessly allowing you to skip the complications and get on with the fun part. The SYNERGY rig combines lightweight materials…