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    2389.00 CAD$2609.00 CAD$

    Reserve your Cabrinha 03s equipment before March 1st, 2023 and get a gift card:

    Réservez votre équipement Cabrinha 03s avant le 1er mars 2023 et obtenez une carte cadeau :

    • 2000$ – 3000$ = carte/card  200$
    • 3000$ – 4000$ = carte/card 250$
    • 4000$ – 5000$ = carte/card 300$
    • 5000$ –  +   = carte/card 350$

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    1609.00 CAD$2419.00 CAD$

    PERFORMANCE FEATURES Precision three-strut delta-hybrid freeride kite with an ultra direct feel Versatile performance for all riding styles across a huge wind range Ultra-stable construction efficient in any condition Plug and play with massive hangtime as well as easy upwind travel Precise and fast with smooth turning characteristics The RS, our best selling most versatile…


    1394.00 CAD$2264.00 CAD$

    WIDEST RANGE OF USE PERFECT BALANCE BETWEEN POWER AND MANEUVERABILITY INCREDIBLE LIGHTWIND ABILITIES FIND A DEALER VIDEO DESCRIPTION The Vision Y27 provides a versatile, easy to use, responsive, and predictable kite that will allow an effortless progression in all disciplines. The overall turning speed and movement throughout the window identify this kite as a fast…


    1524.00 CAD$2624.00 CAD$

    FREERIDE / FREESTYLE PERSONALITY SMOOTH POWER DELIVERY WELL-BALANCED COMBINATION OF PERFORMANCE AND AGILITY FIND A DEALER VIDEO DESCRIPTION We built the new Passion to allow you to dominate any spot in the world on any board in your quiver, that’s is the right spirit of a pure free rider. The Passion Y27 marks the 13th…

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    1943.20 CAD$2151.20 CAD$

    DESCRIPTION In 2003 a kite was launched to help people maximise their time on the water. The name became synonymous with light wind riding, and has since become a staple in many kiters quivers. The Contra 3 Strut continues this legacy and provides the rider with the ultimate blend of light wind power and agility…

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    Cabrinha Contra 2021

    1819.30 CAD$

      POSITIONING Performance lightwind / freeride DESIGN PROFILE 1 Strut,3 Strut, Hybrid design, Low drag wing tips, Draft forward profiles RIDER PROFILE Perfect for any rider that wants to extend their game into the lightwind arena with a responsive, lightwind kite DESCRIPTION The popularity of the Contra can not be overstated. It’s ability to extend…