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  • Ezzy Cross 2022

    989.00 CAD$1079.00 CAD$

    Cross Luff Luff Boom Boom Ezzy Mast Weight Size (sq.m.) Min (cm) Max (cm) Min (cm) Max (cm) Bottom/Top Kg 2.8 324 328 153 163 315/340 2.43 3.4 334 338 153 163 340/340 2.56 4.0 364 368 153 163 340/370 2.77 4.7 398 402 153 163 370/400 3.05 5.2 416 420 162 172 400/400 3.20…

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    815.99 CAD$831.99 CAD$

    DESCRIPTION All the joys of the Freefoil, but with maximum convenience. Coupled with the Pocket Rocket ultra short board, this combo is perhaps the smallest gear available to get Windfoiling. Modern windsurfing? Compact windfoiling. RANGE OF USE POWER CONTROL HANDLING MANEUVERABILITY SPEED FREERIDE FREEFOILING FEATURES Large Dacron luff panel for low end power, and extreme…

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    Ezzy Hydra Pro 2021

    759.00 CAD$809.00 CAD$

    WHAT IS DIFFERENT IN A FOIL SAIL? FOILING V.S. NORMAL WINDSURFING First off, because the foil can fly through the water with so little drag, the wind angles are different, which means that the apparent wind (the wind created by your movement) shifts forward. Second, you need a powerful sail to pump up onto the…

  • Severne HGO IQFOIL 2021-2022

    1489.00 CAD$

    HGO – IQFOIL OLYMPIC RACING   The HGO is a first of its kind. A foil racing sail built especially for the official IQFOIL class and will be the official sail for the 2024 Paris Olympic games. HGO is based on Severne’s already successful foil racing platform with multiple titles under its…


    1039.00 CAD$

    FOILGLIDE 2 _FREERIDE FOIL SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR FREERIDE FOILING. LIGHTWEIGHT. This is one of the most important characteristics.  And we do lightweight sails better than anyone. HIGH CENTRE OF LIFT. Increases leverage for efficiency. Improves pumpability.  STABLE. Reduced draft movement means there’s less influence on trim.  Better to keep everything constant. Cams keep the sail profile…

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    929.00 CAD$

    Take the freedom of freeride foiling to a new level with our first specifically designed freeride foil sail. 4 battens and 1 mini cam (2 cams on the 6.6m) give the sail an incredibly lightweight yet stable feeling. Super light weight, featuring a very short boom and tight leech, this sail offers great initial planing…