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  • Severne Enigma 2021

    1329.00 CAD$1469.00 CAD$

    ENIGMA THE LIGHTEST, STIFFEST AND MOST DURABLE BOOM IN EXISTENCE. AVAILABLE IN WAVE, FREEMOVE AND RACE PROFILES The custom carbon manufacture of the Enigma booms has one main objective; to produce the best stiffness to weight ratio. Unique methods have been developed to enhance the manufacture with every boom built individually with the emphasis on…


    339.00 CAD$359.00 CAD$

    METAL   The METAL boom is a T8 aluminum monocoque construction wave boom. It is designed with a reduced diameter tube for grip comfort. SIZE PROFILE DIAMETER BOOM HEAD MATERIAL WAVE I40-I90 WAVE 26mm RDM LOCKJAW T8 ALUMINIUM MONOCOQUE WAVE I50-200 WAVE 26mm RDM LOCKJAW T8 ALUMINIUM MONOCOQUE FREEMOVE I60-2I0 FREEMOVE 26mm SDM LOCKJAW T8…