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  • Epic Gear SUP board bag sizes available from 9’8” to 14′

    254.00 CAD$339.00 CAD$

    TECHNICAL SPECS Bag Name Len Wid Depth 8’10″x29.5″/270x75cm 8’10” 29.5″ NA 8’10″x33.5″/270x85cm 8’10” 33.5″ NA 9’8″x29.5″/295x75cm 9’8″ 29.5″ NA 10’2″x35.4″/310x90cm 10’2″ 35.4″ NA 10’6″x28.7″/320x73cm 10’6″ 28.7″ NA 10’6″x31.5″/320x80cm 10’6″ 31.5″ NA 11’x28.7″/335x76cm 10’12” 29.9″ NA 11’8″x28.7″/355x73cm 11’8″ 28.7″ NA 11’7″x31.5″/355x80cm 11’8″ 31.5″ NA 12’6″x29.5″/380x75cm (not for raceboards) 12’6″ 29.5″ NA The perfect day bag. These…

  • Epic Day Wall board bag from 60L to 300L

    199.00 CAD$279.00 CAD$

    A perfect day bag. This bag will protect your board from daily wear & tear and dings. This lightly padded (6mm) bag has nylon on one side and solar reflective material on the other. There is a fin slot on both sides. The plastic zipper will not corrode. This is a coffin style bag with side walls….