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  • Chinook Kids Epoxy/Fiberglass RDM

    199.00 CAD$229.00 CAD$

    The Chinook Sailing Epoxy Fiberglass RDM Kids Masts rig well, are forgiving, strong, and affordable. Epoxy and Fiberglass make a strong economical mast for kids. 2-Piece Constant Curve RDM- Reduced Diameter Designed for Kid use only 1-Year Warranty Item IMCS Stiffness IMCS Bend Curve Flex Type Weight 270cm N/A N/A Constant Curve 2.55 lbs. or 1.16 kg…

  • Epic Day Wall board bag from 60L to 300L

    199.00 CAD$279.00 CAD$

    A perfect day bag. This bag will protect your board from daily wear & tear and dings. This lightly padded (6mm) bag has nylon on one side and solar reflective material on the other. There is a fin slot on both sides. The plastic zipper will not corrode. This is a coffin style bag with side walls….

  • Chinook RDM 90% Carbon Mast

    571.00 CAD$

    Product Details Chinook 80% Carbon SDM is the perfect mast to power up your rig. 80% Carbon is very strong with excellent performance characteristics.  Special off-axis carbon fiber is used in critical areas. Constant curve bend characteristics work perfectly with the majority of sails on the market. 80% carbon content provides excellent reflex response to…