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    249.00 CAD$279.00 CAD$

    Designed for shallow water speed sailing. Got weeds? No problem! Utilizing a new specific wing profile to enhance upwind performance and downwind record breaking speeds, shallow water with confidence and comfort!


    249.00 CAD$429.00 CAD$

    The world’s best no-compromise weed fin , redesigned and engineered to provide a huge increase in performance ! Faster acceleration and planing,  better upwind performance and a much more centered feel. Everyone who has the original Weed Demon will definitely want to upgrade to the Weed Demon 2, This fin Rocks ! First time out, 3…


    219.00 CAD$

    Single back fin for use with Single Fin setups in wave and freestyle boards. “Quite simply the best wave fin I have ever put in my board. The board feels faster in a straight line, more controllable, looser in the bottom turn and has more grip off the top. It is everything I am looking for in…

  • MFC Wave San Carlos 21cm

    165.00 CAD$

    The wave SC was developed in Punta San Carlos, Baja California. The fin has been designed for wave sailing in conditions where there is seaweed. The initial curve on the leading edge allows the seaweed to slide instead of getting caught on the fin. The shape is very similar to the MFC Eight, the wave…

  • True Ames Surfgrass

    142.00 CAD$

    Désolé la description en français est n’est pas disponible This is a weed fin and surf sailing fin rolled into one. Grass and moderate weed conditions will not hold this design back. The concept is a very raked back surf fin. As long as teh wind is at least 12-15 knots, this fin will peform!…

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    JP Pro Wave 21 cm US box (U-WS-WS-37)

    129.00 CAD$