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    149.00 CAD$

    Single back fin for use with Thruster setups. “Quite simply the best wave fin I have ever put in my board. The board feels faster in a straight line, more controllable, looser in the bottom turn and has more grip off the top. It is everything I am looking for in a wave fin.” That was my…

  • Makani Ahi Weed Thruster 20 (Wave)

    109.00 CAD$

    AHI Thruster Single: Wave G-10 black windsurfing fin AREA: 138-160-180-201 cm2 The AHI thruster set up is the perfect combination of power and looseness ! Great upwind ability with an amazing loose feel on the wave. Add out great set of thrusters for the perfect match up ! Louis (designer): “Design optimized for a thruster…


    159.00 CAD$

    MANO – Burn the weeds The MAKANI Mano weed fin has the perfect rake to prevent weeds to stick on your fin and still remain manoeuvrable. We worked hard on the trailing edge to give it the similar shape of a wave fin that creates looseness and manoeuvrability plus we added the cut out on…