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    155.00 CAD$239.00 CAD$

    FEATURES Plexiglass protection – A customised Plexiglass tape not only adds Italian style, but also provides additional protection to the bottom section of the mast, where the majority of the abuse occurs. Virtual IMCS – Through testing we found that although IMCS ratings (stiffness) are equal in different carbon contents, the feel on the water…

  • Chinook Kids Epoxy/Fiberglass RDM

    199.00 CAD$229.00 CAD$

    The Chinook Sailing Epoxy Fiberglass RDM Kids Masts rig well, are forgiving, strong, and affordable. Epoxy and Fiberglass make a strong economical mast for kids. 2-Piece Constant Curve RDM- Reduced Diameter Designed for Kid use only 1-Year Warranty Item IMCS Stiffness IMCS Bend Curve Flex Type Weight 270cm N/A N/A Constant Curve 2.55 lbs. or 1.16 kg…